Frequently Asked Questions​

Google Workspace Add-ons

When you make a purchase, you will promptly receive a unique license code via email. This code enables you to seamlessly upgrade your Google add-on/sheets to its premium version.

During the validity of your support period, you can submit a ticket for assistance. Our support services includes installation, licensing, and usage-related issues. Please note that it does not extend to customization or the development of new features.

A domain license grants premium feature access to up to 50 users within your organization or school. This license is compatible with all Google Workspace editions, including Basic, Business, Enterprise, and GSuite for Education domains. To purchase a domain license, please follow our straightforward process.

We prioritize your data privacy. Your information remains securely stored within your Google account (Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drive and Gmail) and is never stored on our servers.

Certainly, when you make a purchase, the license key will be sent to the email address provided during the order. It’s important to ensure that the key is associated with the intended recipient’s email address. This authorized individual can use the key to upgrade their Google account to premium.

In case you accidentally used your email address during the order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance in making the necessary changes. We’re here to help.

A user is identified as an individual Google Account email address (e.g., [email protected] or [email protected]). Our add-ons/sheets are licensed on a per-user basis, meaning you can use the license on any computer, provided you are signed in with the same email address. This ensures flexibility and convenience for our users.

Yes, we adhere to GDPR regulations. Synbus Solutions functions as a Data Controller for individuals who use our add-ons/sheets. It’s important to note that all your add-on data is stored within your Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drive and Gmail account. Our add-on exclusively interacts with this data and does not store any of it independently. You have the ability to uninstall the add-on at any time, and your data will continue to reside securely within your Google account. We prioritize data protection and compliance with privacy regulations.

Workshop & Webinar

You have no need for any specific technical knowledge. All you need the basic internet and MS Office knowledge.

If you are unable to attend the workshop for any reason, inform us in advance and we will arrange to reserve your seat in the next available/ upcoming session, and also you will get the recordings.

Yes, we provide you the complete session content in digital form including videos and PPT so that you can refer to the same anytime at your convenience.

You can attend our workshop with any smart device (mobile, tablet, PC, or laptop) with the help of the internet, but we recommend you to attend the workshop using a PC or laptop because our sessions are completely practical.

Yes, only if we have any upcoming workshops.

Yes, we will provide you complete implementation support. If you’re facing any difficulties, reach us at sup[email protected] or call/ WhatsApp us at +91-7838343515.

WhatsApp API and Credits

You can contact us at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp us at +91-7838343515 to buy the API & credits.

The minimum purchase is 4000 credits. Then, you can keep making the recharges that you need.

You can send text, documents, images, audio, video, pdf, and emojis. Furthermore, you can also send the links.

Yes, by using the API you can send messages worldwide.

Your API and credits have an expiration date as per your plan purchase terms.

Yes, you can change it but you can use only one number at once.

1 Credit includes a text and a file (image, pdf, documents, etc).

If you have used all credits, then you have to refill your account or buy the new plan to continue sending the messages.

Yes, you can attach files using link/ from Google Drive.

You can send unlimited messages using API, however, WhatsApp does not allow you to send too many messages in a day, it violates their fair use policy.

No, you don’t need to install any software in your system or buy the server to send the WhatsApp messages.