WhatsApp Payment Reminder

Send an automated payment reminder to your clients on WhatsApp and get paid faster.

WhatsApp Payment Reminder
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WhatsApp Payment Reminder

Payment follow-up is a time-consuming and difficult job and might be your team is not efficient to send overdue payment reminders timely to the clients, that cause of delay in receiving the payment.

Empower your account team with a cost-effective automated payment reminder system.

We offer an easy-to-use WhatsApp payment system that will help you to send a recurring payment reminder to your clients on time and get paid faster.

> Features

#️⃣ Google Sheets Integration πŸ“„ – Send WhatsApp payment reminders directly from Google Sheets.

#️⃣ Personalized Reminder πŸ’¬ – Send reminder with person or company's names and salutations.

#️⃣ Unlimited Messages* ♾️ – Send unlimited reminders depending upon the plan.

#️⃣ Customizable Message Template πŸ“ – Easy to customize message template as per your need.

#️⃣ Attachments πŸ”— – Attach/ send ledger along with the reminder.

#️⃣ Schedule & Send Later πŸ•š – Schedule the reminders for overdue payments and specify a time in the Google Sheet itself and the reminder messages will be sent around your specified schedule.

#️⃣ Duplicate Number Finder πŸ‘“ – Identify duplicate mobile numbers and avoid sending multiple messages to the same person.