WhatsApp Festive Greetings

Send automated WhatsApp greetings directly from the Google Sheets.

WhatsApp Festive Greetings
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whatsapp festival greetings

WhatsApp Festive Greetings

WhatsApp is the most common and faster way to connect with people around the world.

With the help of our WhatsApp festive greeting tool, you can send greetings to your friends, family, and clients at festivals.

> Features

#️⃣ Google Sheets Integration πŸ“„ – Send WhatsApp greetings directly from Google Sheets.

#️⃣ Personalized Greetings πŸ’¬ – Send personalized greetings to your customers and love ones with their names and salutations.

#️⃣ Unlimited Messages* ♾️ – Send unlimited WhatsApp greetings depending upon the plan.

#️⃣ Message Template πŸ“ – Create messages you want to send and customized them with salutation.

#️⃣ Attachments πŸ”— – Send image, pdf, audio, video, etc along with the text message.

#️⃣ Schedule & Send Later πŸ•š – Schedule the greetings for the year and specify a time in the Google Sheet itself and the merged messages will be sent around your specified schedule.

#️⃣ Duplicate Number Finder πŸ‘“ – Identify duplicate mobile numbers and avoid sending multiple greetings to the same person.
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