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Reasons to use Google applications instead of ERP Software

Why should you use Google applications instead of ERP software?

Business processes keep evolving and changing over time and to manage the orders, team, sales, etc., you need a scalable automated system. In that case, ERP solution is the best tool to manage all these things in a single place but the problem is ERP is a bit costly and takes lots of time and effort to understand, and required highly skilled peoples to operate.

So the next question is, what may be a cost-effective, & efficient solution to this problem? And the answer is Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

Google applications are the most effective, cheap, and best alternative to ERP to grow exceptionally.

Reasons, why choose Google Applications rather than complicated ERP Software?

Apart from these free services, Google offers premium services under the hood of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and for this, they charge a very nominal cost which is around Rs.125/- per user per month. Not only this Google offers some other plans as well (Google Workspace pricing).

  • Easy Customization: Google applications are easy to modify in comparison to ERP solutions. Google Applications are highly customizable, anyone can customize the Google Applications as per their need but ERP requires specialized skills to make the modifications.

Google applications also save the recurring maintenance cost that you need to pay to your IT Support for using ERPs.

  • User-friendly: Google applications are very user-friendly and can be used by anyone who has basic internet and MS Excel knowledge. Where ERP solutions are less user-friendly. They are complex to use and understand especially for non-tech savvy employees.
  • Business Reporting: Sometimes you need a customized report to analyze your business data but ERP offers limited formates to generate the reports and for the customization, you need to depend on the vendors that will cost both time and money.

On the other side, you can generate creative and advanced reports using Google Applications like Google Sheets and Google Data Studio by using the different parameters, graphs, and tools which are easily sharable in just a few clicks with different permissions.

  • Integration (Endless Possibilities): The beauty of Google applications is, they are easy to integrate with different platforms (applications and software) for example WhatsApp, Telegram, Razorpay, Instamojo, Knowlarity (Super Receptionist), etc. On the other side, ERP software does not offer this kind of integration with different platforms. The possibilities with Google Applications are endless.
  • Automation: Just like in any other ERP software, you can set up email automation in Google applications. But Google applications are not limited to email automation only. You can automate your WhatsApp, SMS, Delivery & Dispatch, Payment Reminders, etc.

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