WhatsApp Broadcaster

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WhatsApp messages get better response rates than any other channel for marketing and customer communication:

– 85% of millennials say they’d rather WhatsApp message with a business

– WhatsApp messages get a 5X higher engagement than phone calls

– WhatsApp messages get a 7.5X higher response rate than emails

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Send automated WhatsApp broadcast messages to a group of people directly from the Google Sheets.


  1. Google Sheets Integration πŸ“„ – Send WhatsApp messages directly from Google Sheets.
  2. Personalized Messages πŸ’¬ – Send personalized messages with their names.
  3. Unlimited Messages* ♾️ – Send unlimited WhatsApp messages depending upon the plan.
  4. Message Template πŸ“ – Create whatever messages your want to send and customized them with salutation.
  5. Attachments πŸ”— – Send attachments (image, pdf, etc.) with messages.
  6. Schedule & Send Later πŸ•š – Specify a time in the Google Sheet itself and the merged messages will be sent around your specified schedule.
  7. Duplicate Number Finder πŸ‘“ – Identify duplicate mobile numbers and avoid sending multiple messages to the same person.