Put your business on autopilot using Google Apps and scale your business 10X faster.

Multiply your profit and productivity without spending lakhs or implementing typical software.

Who is this workshop for?

Firstly, Technology is difficult is a myth 😐. It’s the best thing for everyone who is trying to grow their business and career. That’s exactly what this session would teach you in just 2 hours.

  • Entrepreneur/ Business Owner: Build a system for your business, get more profits & employee productivity, generate leads, and convert them into customers for your business.
  • Professionals: Learn new skills to grow your career, be more productive & efficient, get new freelance gigs / build your side hustle.
  • Students: Build your personal brand, learn new skills, make it easy for companies to hire you. Stand out among the crowd.
  • Coaches: Build your personal brand with content, connect with your potential clients, and close them.

What you will learn in 2 hours?


Why do you need to depend on systems instead of people?


What are the tools you can use to automate your business?


How to build a business that works for you even in your absence?

This Free session is designed to teach you the fastest way of leveraging technology (Google Workspace) to automate and organize your business and get you started to scale your business 7X faster without spending a lakhs. Yes! In just 2 hours. 😱

  • How to manage your business using Google Applications (Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sites, & Google Drawings) at your convenience?
  • How to build forms to collect error-free data like Customer Data, Sales Order, Products & Services Data, Vendors & Network Data, Contact Us Form Data, Call Back Request Form Data?
  • How to embed Google Form on your website to collect visitor data & get/ send email notification?
  • How to track, manage & analyze your orders, projects, inventory, vendors, & business data live on Google Sheets?
  • How to double team productivity by building systems for them?
  • How to put your business on autopilot without using expensive software?
  • How to access data 24×7 using your mobile?
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Are you also <span style="color:white">working hard </span> for your business, but <span style="color:white">not able to achieve growth</span>?

Are you also working hard for your business, but not able to achieve growth?

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Register to the live masterclass to get business automation tools worth ₹50,000/-

7 different template and data master to manage your expenses and organize your employee's and client(s) data.

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