Automatically capture IndiaMART inquiries into the CRM to speed up your follow-up and keep track of them.

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IndiaMART CRM is a simple & efficient tool to track and download inquiries from the IndiaMART portal and keep them in a well-organized and systematic format.

Using our tool you will be able to collect the Name, Email address, mobile number, address, requirement, and so on.

> Features

#️⃣ Powerful Dashboard 📊 – It helps you to analyze the flow of all your inquiries.

#️⃣ Filtration 👓 – Filter inquiries based on city. (*Pro Version)

#️⃣ WhatsApp Greetings 💬 – Send automated welcome greeting on WhatsApp whenever your lead submit the inquiries. (*Pro Version)

#️⃣ Daily Report on Email 📨 – Get an automated daily update on email with attachments of dashboard and daily inquiries received. You can also include CC and BCC in the mail. (*Pro Version)

#️⃣ Advanced Settings ⚙️ – Configure the CRM with the easy, with the settings you can set email to including CC and BCC, email subject, select time of the daily report, WhatsApp message and so on.