Benefits of using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

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Benefits of using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Benefits of using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – Why should we use it?

You might be familiar with Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Forms undoubtedly.

The moment you set up several of these Google Apps within the same environment, you can ensure important and time-saving synergies within your organization. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) consists of Google’s most important applications in one package.

Google offers many free tools and services to its users and as a growing business, you need services that bring more mobility, scalability & flexibility in the work. Here Google Workspace comes into the picture.

Everything your organization needs to get the work done, now in one place.

Benefits of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite):

  • Fully customized – Google Workspace tailored is to the organization’s exact needs. From creating an email, to set up specific applications and access security so that only the right people can access your information, everything is under one roof.
  • Data Migration Tools – Google Workspace offers the data migration tools that help you to migrate your data securely from your current service provider to Google.
  • Fast and Reliable – With Google Workspace you can quickly access your Gmail, Documents, Calendar, etc., from within the same platform. It is easy to share, plan, coordinate and create with colleagues and/or customers.
  • Improved Team Efficiency – By using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for your business helps you to improve your team productivity and work efficiency.
  • Admin Console (Admin Panel) – Google Workspace admin console allows you to manage and track everything in your organization. From the admin panel, you can manage users, emails, data access, email routing, transfer the file ownership, etc.
  • Data Recovery – You can restore the data that is permanently deleted by the user within the past 25 days.
  • Work Offline – Google Workspace not only provides the freedom to work online but by activation their offline mode you can work on Google application without the internet connection, and the data get synced automatically when they get internet access. It helps to increases your work productivity & saves time.
  • 24×7 Customer Support – Google Workspace offers 24×7 Customer support on live chat, call, and email.
  • Cost-Effective – Google Workspace is the cheaper option compared to Microsoft Office. The basic Google Workspace plan is available at just Rs 125/- per month per user with 30GB of storage.
  • Easy Access from Anywhere – Whether you operate from India or internationally, Google Workspace works at any time, from any location, and with any smart device.
  • Easy Sharing of Data – Google Workspace offers easy sharing of data with multiple options like view, edit, and comment.

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